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On Monday, 2018-03-12 12:32:31 -0700, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:

> The new mailing list server uses GNU mailman.  There are likely a few
> things that need to be tweeked.  Please let me know about any issues.

On the good side: there's now a
List-Id: <mutt-dev.mutt.org>
header one can use to filter incoming mail, additionally to
List-Post: <mailto:mutt-dev@mutt.org>

For who needs it, the old
Sender: owner-mutt-...@mutt.org
is now replaced by
Sender: Mutt-dev <mutt-dev-boun...@mutt.org>

> Please let me offer a huge thank you to GBNet for donating their time
> and servers to Mutt for many, many years, and also express my
> appreciation to OSUOSL for working with me to transition to their
> hosting services.

Let me chime in, and thank you for taking care of this and all around Mutt.


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