On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 07:55:12AM -0300, Marcelo Laia wrote:
> On 14/09/16 at 08:06pm, Luis Mochan wrote:
> > Maybe you could use the program 'ripmime' directly from bash. I found
> > it in the debian repositories. I use it manually through a mutt macro
> > 
> >     macro index Ys "| ~/.mutt/saveattachments\n" "Save attachments"
> > 
> Hi, I try to use your script, nut, when I hint Y, mutt tell me that "Key Y is
> not mapped"
You should first define the macro! You could do it interactively (for
testing purposes) by typing : (colon) followed by the macro definition
above, i.e.,
  :macro index Ys...
by making a text file whose content is the macro definition and
sourcing it from mutt
  :source filename.txt
or by adding it to you ~/.mutt/muttrc file so that it is loaded
automatically on the next mutt startup. Afterwards, you should be
able to call the macro when you are in the 'index' view. You could
replace Ys to the key sequence of your choice to call the macro. 

> What could I doing wrong?
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> Marcelo


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