* On 14 Sep 2016, Cameron Simpson wrote: 
> On 14Sep2016 18:35, David Champion <d...@bikeshed.us> wrote:
> Just an aside, now often do you encounter "/" in a Message-ID? It is legal,
> and has long discouraged me from the otherwise obvious and inuitive
> name-a-file-after-the-message-id.
> > #!/usr/bin/env python
> [...]
> That is very nice, even cleaner than I imagined it might be.

Thanks - yes, my intention was just to demo the approach. I've done
a few MIME walks in Python so this was a simple modification of some
existing code. Even with many years of mutt experience I think rolling
this up last night was faster than getting something steady and sturdy
going with mutt macros, and I have more confidence in it.

There's certainly room to improve if anyone wants to take this further,
and you've raised a good point above. A few things ought to be sanitized

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