On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 03:57:53PM +0800, Yubin Ruan wrote:
> Can anyone share some approaches for reading HTML emails.
> Currenlty I use w3m:
>     text/html; w3m -I %{charset} -T text/html; copiousoutput;
> But sometimes I receive some HTML mails which can not be handled that well by
> w3m, so I want to open that html attachment in a browser. How can I switch
> between?
I have similar, my .mailcap is:-

    text/html; /home/chris/bin/muttfox %s
    text/html; lynx -dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html

So I use lynx to view HTML E-Mail by default and to view in my browser
I hit v[iew-attachment] and then 'm' for view-mailcap to view using my
muttfox script.  The muttfox script just calls a local or remote
firefox it's only necessary because I run mutt via ssh remotely
someetimes.  For normal use you can just call firefox directly.

Chris Green

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