On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 09:10:38AM -0700, Omen Wild wrote:
> Quoting Chris Green <c...@isbd.net> on Tue, Apr 10 09:44:
> >
> > The muttfox script just calls a local or remote firefox it's only
> > necessary because I run mutt via ssh remotely someetimes.  For normal
> > use you can just call firefox directly.
> Can you share this script? I have the same issue, but have been manually
> working around it over SSH.

Here you go, it depends on having somewhere 'out there' on the cloud
to save the message.

    # muttfox: script called by mutt via mailcap to use firefox to view HTML,
    # necessary because /usr/bin/firefox exits before firefox has
    # actually loaded the HTML file, especially when it's remote
    # The temporary file to be viewed by Firefox is copied to a dedicated
    # user account called 'share' on isbd.uk (Gandi virtual machine). This
    # can take a second or two but means that the same code works when my
    # laptop is on the home LAN or away from home.
    # if there's no DISPLAY variable then Firefox can't run, so skip the whole 
    if [ -n "$DISPLAY" ]
        # copy the file to isbd.uk, $i is /tmp/mutt/<filename>
        export RSYNC_RSH="ssh -i /home/chris/.ssh/np_id_rsa"
        chmod 644 $1
        rsync -a $1 isbd.uk:mutt
        # pass the copy to firefox, runs local or remote firefox according to 
        /usr/bin/firefox http://isbd.uk/mutt/$(basename $1)

Chris Green

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