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I've also seen replies come back from people unused to inline response with their reply slap in the middle of the quoted text because they've not added a blank line. I don't know exactly what's happening at their end, but at my end they text appears in the middle of the quoted prose. I should dig into it.

You are right, this can be quite annoying, but it is not necessary that those people are not used to inline reply, it is rather that their e-mail client might display the reply in a poor way.

When I was using Thunderbird a few years ago, if I composed an e-mail with inline reply, then above and beneath my reply, there always was a clearly visible gap. However, this gap was only visible in the compose window. When looking at the email afterwards in the reader, my reply stuck tightly between the quoted message parts, almost impossible to spot if you do not accidently stumble upon it. [... compose habits to mitigate this ...]
So it is not always the fault of the users alone.

The particular user I had this with isn't at fault, but also a nontechnical user not used to inline reply. And they are using Thunderbird. Your decription above does sound like a very flawed disconnect between compose and actualy view. WYSINWYG I guess.

Thank you!

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