Am 18. Mai 2018 00:13:56 MESZ schrieb Cameron Simpson <>:
>On 17May2018 21:17, Florian Gamböck <> wrote:
>>On 2018-05-17 13:15, Cameron Simpson wrote:
>>>I've also seen replies come back from people unused to inline
>response with 
>>>their reply slap in the middle of the quoted text because they've not
>added a 
>>>blank line. I don't know exactly what's happening at their end, but
>at my end 
>>>they text appears in the middle of the quoted prose. I should dig
>into it.

>>When I was using Thunderbird a few years ago, if I composed an e-mail 
>>with inline reply, then above and beneath my reply, there always was a
>>clearly visible gap. However, this gap was only visible in the compose
>>window. When looking at the email afterwards in the reader, my reply 
>>stuck tightly between the quoted message parts, almost impossible to
>spot if 

>The particular user I had this with isn't at fault, but also a
>user not used to inline reply. And they are using Thunderbird. Your
>above does sound like a very flawed disconnect between compose and
>view. WYSINWYG I guess.

I do remember that kind of behavior. It usually happens when the sender wrote 
an HTML mail. Replying in TB still does show formatted text, with vertical 
quote bars instead of >. Sometimes it's difficult to trim quotes and insert 
text of your own.

Only when sending this message is trimmed to text only, obviously with some 
flaws on invisible <p> and <br>.

- Martin
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