On Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 10:58:22PM +0530, Pankaj Jangid wrote:
> > > I have configured cache so it doesn't happen everytime with the same
> > > email. My 2nd question is - is there a way to pre-fetch all the
> > > emails in inbox.
> > 
> > I don't think so -- not without using something like offline-imap.
> > 
> Is there any specific reason this was not done? This is probably related
> to some design decisions.

Because this again is how IMAP works--you're meant to read the message
off the server, and it's downloaded on demand.  If you had to
pre-fetch all the messages, this could take a very long time,
especially if you were looking at an extremely large mailbox for the
first time, and it contained very large messages.  With typically
short messages on fast networks, you usually should not notice much
delay, and with larger messages you only incur the wait time when you
actually want to look at the message.  If you have a high latency
connection, it may be worth pre-syncing and reading locally.

If you want to pre-sync your mailbox and read it locally, that would
be why you would use fetchmail, mbsync, etc..  Mutt doesn't need to do
that for you since there are already plenty of things that do.

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