The identity macro does work, but it will not work for setting custom header in 
composing new emails as hdr is set before about sending emails.

I tried gpgme which does not seems to give me any option to select self encrypt 
key based on From: , but always use default key

Can you illustrate more on how to select signing key based on From: in gpgme? 
gpgme seems also only uses default key as sign as if you have multiple accounts 
and different for keys for each account.


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> 1. When composing messages, mutt ask To: or recipient adress and 
> Subject: and then go to editor. How to make mutt ask for 
> From: or sender address only and then go to editor?

I use this, in muttrc:

# my identities
macro compose v "<edit-from>^Uidentity_<Tab>" "Select from"

alias identity_a0 tech-lists <>
alias identity_a1 someotheraddress <>


and use v then hit tab to get a selectable list. This selected when
about to send the email. I'm unsure what the proper name for that part
of mutt is.

I use gpgme which selects the signing key based on From:


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