Is there any progress on this? Any plans to implement it? This is for me 
currently the biggest issue with MLO and I would very much support the 

On Friday, 26 November 2010 13:19:48 UTC+1, chuckdevee wrote:
> This would be really useful for me. I have quite a few problems with 
> the ordering in the ToDo views but get around most of these by being 
> sparing about which tasks I enter a Due Date for. 
> Most of the tasks I have, have some date which I'd LIKE to do them by, 
> but if I enter this as the due date, as I used to, my task outline 
> becomes very time-consuming as I am forever re-adjusting these due 
> dates. 
> Now, I only really use a due date if a task HAS to be done by that 
> date - otherwise, it goes in without any date and the Urgency/ 
> Importance criteria determines its order in the ToDo list.   I'll use 
> a Start Date if I don't want to think about starting the task until a 
> specific date. 
> So most of the tasks I have do not have Due dates, some have a Start 
> Date and no Due date, some have Due dates but no Start date, and the 
> rest have both Start dates and Due dates. 
> So here's my problem, in order for a task to recur, it needs to have a 
> start date and due date. 
> And the recurrence time period is set with reference to the Due 
> date. 
> It would be helpful for me to allow tasks without any dates to recur 
> without any dates. 
> It would also be helpful to allow tasks with only a start date to 
> recur with reference to the Start date and leave these tasks without 
> any Due date. 

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