Unfortunately not. This is something I've posted as a request before - I'd 
like to be able to specify start dates to be the date I created the new 
item, due date to inherit from the parent and context to be blank. User 
selected behaviours for these fields (in the same way that Bonsai used to 
do) would be very useful. Perhaps this is being considered for a future 

On Thursday, 1 December 2016 14:07:28 UTC, david.r....@delphi.com wrote:
> I use many filters..most involve the advanced filter using selectable 
> dates; I like to edit and add when in filtered mode so that my list is not 
> huge and I want to add a task while in this filtered mode but before Im 
> done the filter has hidden it; I then have to either remove filter, find 
> the task as assign an appropriate date OR find it in "recently modified"; 
> Is there some way to have new task receive a default date (w/out having it 
> inherit the parent date

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