Thanks, Olivier

Well, initially I thought this was brilliant.
On the up-side it shows your folder hierarchy very cleanly and it works 
well when used with F7 to open all the folders as far as possible.

Furthermore, if you then save that View and give it a hotkey (e.g. 
control/shift/alt/F) I can even apply that filter to the current view using 
a hotkey.   :)

However, there are problems: 

1. If the current Tab is locked it won't work without creating another tab 
every time you use it (which causes confusion and clutter).

2. Also you can of course no longer open up any given folder to see what's 
actually in it. (This is due to the View's filtering that will now be in 

3. In order to see what's in each Folder, all you can do is - IF and only 
if the folder has no child-folders -  is double-click on that folder  and 
be taken to your first Tab on the left.  

BUT once you get there : 

a) If your Tab has filtering that stops that folder from being viewed (e.g. 
it is using Active tasks view), then no row will have focus (which feels 
confusing) [so this forces you to have an ALL tasks view...]

b) If you get to the LH tab without losing focus, you now have a problem of 
how to get *back *to that Folders- Only tab. If you click the folder name 
again and it does have child tasks, then it will simply open up any child 
tasks. And if you double-click on one of the child tasks, although it will 
take you back to the Folders-only view, it will now lose focus because task 
are not visible on that view! 

==> Aaarrgh!  Not quite so useful after all. 

If going this route, we are thrown into using one tab for multiple MLO 
But even then there is no way to toggle this view on and off using your 
hotkey, which would have been nice.

I would still prefer some inbuilt function that would expanding everything 
just far enough to show all the Folders, so that this could be achieved 
with no fuss on Locked tabs, without the need to change either Tab nor View 
and ideally it should be a function that toggles.

- Would anyone else vote for this feature?


On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 8:03:40 AM UTC, robisme (Olivier R) 
> Then I suggest you build a specific  view with a filter "is folder = true".
> Olivier 

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