Is there a Calendar and a day picker in MLO?

The heart of any task manager would be to pick a day (or the current day 
displayed by default on login reading from system time) and showing tasks 
for that day.

I want to be able to pick a day : "Sunday", and enter line item tasks 
rapidly for that day => and set priority, time, appointments etc. or simply 
enter a general task.
for example, type a task, hit tab, get next line item and begin typing.  
The later enter specifics if I want.

I want to have presented a way to categorize tasks:  "Morning" tab, "@Home 
Evening Tab" (that I can enter tasks into).

I am using MLO, but I can't make it work for me and the way I think.  It 
takes too much time and energy to get data in (enter tasks), and to get 
data out and see lists or views that I want.  It has prompted me to want to 
write my own task manager, but I simply do not want to do this.  I need 
something I can buy now.

Without a calendar and date picker and ability to enter tasks rapidly, then 
for me this product is not useful.  There are some great features and great 
concepts that I wish to take advantage of, but the basic 101 items that I 
would expect in a task manager ( a calendar ), is missing.


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