Hello cirrob,

There have been a few discussions on this topic. MLO is trying to be 
flexible enough for everyone's systems, so there is no link between the 
settings of any of the parameters. That means that you end up having to 
manually set lots of parameters for each task, which makes it a bit slower 
to use. Personally, I've argued for the idea of being able to set custom 
behaviours, so that items can be set to inherit (or not) start and due 
dates and contexts from their parent or nearest sibling and so that 
checking off a project sets its project status to completed. Maybe that 
automated functionality will be added as an option in the future.

On Sunday, 15 April 2018 14:31:04 UTC+1, cirrob wrote:
> How come when I complete a Task within a project the project itself is 
> still marked as not started?  It seems very obvious That this would 
> indicate The project shas started.

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