The Project status is user controlled and not system controlled. We believe 
that the user has their own direct input into whether a Project is viewed 
as Not Started, In Progress, Suspended or Completed.

Here is an example: you could have a subtask under a Project heading that 
states "Create Project Overview Notes’ or "Plan Phase 2 of Project" etc. 
These tasks might be related to the Project overall but aren’t really part 
of the Project. If you complete these tasks, it wouldn’t necessarily mean 
that you had started working on the actual Project itself. In order to 
define the Project as started you have to manually change the status to "In 
Progress", in order to mark it once done you need to change the status to 
"Completed" and so on.

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 8:07:23 AM UTC+3, Darryl Brooks wrote:
> I was looking for the same thing and found it, but if the project is 58% 
> complete, why doesn't the status change to In Progress?
> <>
> On Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 3:17:32 AM UTC-5, Daniel Way wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I would like a parent item to display the sum of its children's "Time 
>> Required Max" fields. I'm wanting to have items within a project have 
>> individual time estimates that I can view a summary of at the 
>> project/parent level.
>> Does this functionality exist, or do you recommend a better approach?
>> Thank you,
>> Daniel

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