It's that time of the year again... time for a release, I guess.  No heavy
development seems to be going on right now in master, but there has been a
lot of work done since 1.0.0 (about 11 months ago).

What's everyone's status? Any objection to declare a string freeze soon,
say, in one week, and release in about a month?  Anyone working on something
that we should wait for?  Are there any forgotten patches lying around that
are ready, just waiting to be pushed?  Any brushset or background updates
that we should include (or remove)?

There are 158 bug reports open that aren't marked as fixed. It frustrates me
that I didn't contribute more time to fix more of them.  But there is no
reason to hold back all the good work that has been done.

It would be good to have no major regressions. The main problem seems to
be (as usual) a GTK Windows bug:
Which means that we won't have a working Windows release.  Reminder for
non-artists: MyPaint without pressure support is completely useless.

Maybe I will find the time and motivation to do a Windows debugging session,
or maybe not.  Either way, help would be appreciated.  It's a critical bug
for many users.  But if nobody is working on it, there is no point to delay
the release because of it.

Do we have any other important regressions?

Martin Renold

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