Hi all,

I just noticed this in the manual yesterday:

"MySQL supports TCP/IP on all Windows platforms. The mysqld-nt and
mysql-max-nt servers support named pipes on NT, 2000, and XP. The default is
to use TCP/IP regardless of the platform, because named pipes are actually
*slower* than TCP/IP ..."

This surprised me! I have been connecting with named pipes (and telling
others to do the same) on Win2k since I discovered them, because my queries
(and time to connect) are most definitely *faster*. The client/server
communication is about 25-30% slower using TCP/IP. Example: a simple SELECT
COUNT(*) FROM table takes 0.3ms with TCP/IP compared to only 0.16ms with
named pipes. Or, on a more complicated query, 2ms vs 1.5.

Speed differences seem comparable to Unix sockets vs TCP/IP on *nix.

Should the manual info be the other way around? If not, then why am I seeing
it that way? ;-) Any comments?


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