> This surprised me! I have been connecting with named pipes (and telling
> others to do the same) on Win2k since I discovered them, because my queries
> (and time to connect) are most definitely *faster*. The client/server
> communication is about 25-30% slower using TCP/IP. Example: a simple SELECT
> COUNT(*) FROM table takes 0.3ms with TCP/IP compared to only 0.16ms with
> named pipes. Or, on a more complicated query, 2ms vs 1.5.

Just being curios: How is possible to change the connection type? Do I need
to compile MySQL?

To Unix or not to Unix. That is the question whether 'tis nobler in the
mind to suffer slings and arrows of vast documentation or to take arms
against a sea of buggy OS and by raping the support lines end then?

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