I had exactly the same problem, with pretty much the same stack trace. It
appears to be a bug in the 4.1.x libmysqlclient library.

There was a patch listed earlier about a fix. Applying this fix has stopped
the crashing for me. Before applying the patch, I tried upgrading to 4.1.10
(the CVS branch), but it still crashed. The only difference I found was that
Jim indicated that the file was libmysql/my_init.c, while I found it at

Hope this helps.


See the post from Jim Perry:
---------------------------- cut -------------------------------
This is the fix I used (no guarantees!!) for mysql 4.1.7.  Maybe it's been
fixed in newer versions or maybe QT has stopped calling the embedded
calls...I don't know.  Hopefully it'll help somebody.  Worth a try if
you're segfaulting in mysqlclient.

 > Solution: edit libmysql/my_init.c
 > search for "my_once_free" (it only occurs once)
 > add "free_charsets();" immediately before it.
 > recompile, etc etc.

I posted the bug to http://bugs.mysql.com/7344 if you want to follow up,
but I don't think they understood my crappy explaination.  Oh, well.

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> >
> > Do all these problems have to do with the mySQL problems discussed
> > before?  I just upgraded my system and I see the same thing with
> > mysql-4.1.9-1 and qt-MySQL-3.3.4-1 on FC3-development.  I have
> > attached my own crash log.
> > -Eric Hattemer
> Possibly, but I don't like the look of this:
> >#12 0x00aebfeb in TVRec::GetScreenGrab (this=0xb7d39008,
pginfo=0xa1bcbd0, [EMAIL PROTECTED],
> >    secondsin=250, [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED],
> >    at tv_rec.cpp:837
> >        screendb = (MythSqlDatabase *) 0x49b63c6
> >        nupvidplay = (NuppelVideoPlayer *) 0xb69350c8
> >        retbuf = 0x1065a0c "double free or corruption (fasttop)"
> >        tmprbuf = (RingBuffer *) 0xa1c0810
> >        name = {static null = {static null = <same as static member of an
already seen type>,
> >    d = 0x9dd00c0, static shared_null = 0x9dd00c0}, d = 0xa1c15a8, static
shared_null = 0x9dd00c0}
> >
> >
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