In the past couple of years, we deployed CradlePoint IBR650's and
IBR600's (with and without wifi respectively).  It's a configurable
mini-router that can also accept wired access.  There is an on-board SIM
slot.  Downside is that the unit is a bit expensive as a CPE. 

Lately we have been deploying Proxicast PocketPort units.  These have an
RJ45 jack at one end, USB port on the other, with no built-in cell
antenna.  So you'll need a USB 4G/LTE dongle in addition.  Those
PocketPorts are a bit more limited in terms of config, but they work for
our use case and are less expensive overall than CradlePoint. 

If you want to stick with a router from big C, I've also worked with the
newer C1111-8PLTEEA which has an onboard SIM slot.  We tested them but
didn't put them in production due to cost. 



On 2020-01-28 17:30, K MEKKAOUI wrote:

> Dear NANOG Community, 
> Can anyone help with any device information that provides redundancy for 
> business internet access? In other words when the internet provided through 
> the cable modem fails the 4G/LTE takes over automatically to provide internet 
> access to the client. 
> Thank you 

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