Both gamers and content providers do not care. The gamers as they only care 
about the game itself and don't care about the technical mumbo jumbo. And the 
makers coz they only care about making money by producing content the gamers 
want. And you service providers are left with the headache of attempts to 
please both sides.
If this wasn't the case, then why after 20 years, ipv6 ain't rolled out.
Hence again I'd be voting for an ipv6 only day, but that will never happen.....
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In message <>, Justin Wilson write
> PSN is one reason I am not a fan of CGNAT. All they see are tons of
> connections from the same IP.  This results in them banning folks.  Due
> to them being hacked so many times getting them to actually communicate
> is almost impossible.  My .02 is just get the gamers a true public if at
> all possible.
> Justin Wilson

What we need is business tech reporters to continually report on
these failures of content providers to deliver their services over
IPv6.  20 years lead time should be enough for any service.

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