Go templates: http://golang.org <http://golang.org/> Fast and simple with gRPC 
and other good stuff like kelsey’s confd (a daemon that watches for changes and 
update templates)

% go doc text/template
package template // import "text/template"

Package template implements data-driven templates for generating textual

To generate HTML output, see package html/template, which has the same
interface as this package but automatically secures HTML output against
certain attacks.

Templates are executed by applying them to a data structure. Annotations in
the template refer to elements of the data structure (typically a field of a
struct or a key in a map) to control execution and derive values to be
displayed. Execution of the template walks the structure and sets the
cursor, represented by a period '.' and called "dot", to the value at the
current location in the structure as execution proceeds.

The input text for a template is UTF-8-encoded text in any format.
"Actions"--data evaluations or control structures--are delimited by "{{" and
"}}"; all text outside actions is copied to the output unchanged. Except for
raw strings, actions may not span newlines, although comments can.

Once parsed, a template may be executed safely in parallel.

Here is a trivial example that prints "17 items are made of wool".

    type Inventory struct {
        Material string
        Count    uint
    sweaters := Inventory{"wool", 17}
    tmpl, err := template.New("test").Parse("{{.Count}} items are made of 
    if err != nil { panic(err) }
    err = tmpl.Execute(os.Stdout, sweaters)
    if err != nil { panic(err) }


> On 6 Jun 2017, at 15:22, Graham Johnston <johnst...@westmancom.com> wrote:
> Short of complete SDN, for those of you that have some degree of 
> configuration templating and/or automation tools what is it that you run? I'm 
> envisioning some sort of tool that let's me define template snippets of 
> configuration and aids in their deployment to devices. I'm okay doing the 
> heaving lifting in defining everything, I'm just looking for the tool that 
> stitches it together and hopefully makes things a little less error prone for 
> those who aren't as adept.
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