Salt is great for generating configs based on jinja templates, and you can
use napalm in conjunction with salt to push the configs to the device on a
set schedule (typically this is done hourly). If manual changes are made to
the router, salt would override them on the next run, so it's a great way
to make sure configs are consistent.

On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 9:25 AM Graham Johnston <>

> Short of complete SDN, for those of you that have some degree of
> configuration templating and/or automation tools what is it that you run?
> I'm envisioning some sort of tool that let's me define template snippets of
> configuration and aids in their deployment to devices. I'm okay doing the
> heaving lifting in defining everything, I'm just looking for the tool that
> stitches it together and hopefully makes things a little less error prone
> for those who aren't as adept.
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