I have just scanned this whole thread - it is the most amazing analysis of 
technical details I have e ver seen

national security also
sean I am taking this in the sense of what the hell could these russian 
diplomats be doing?

I have been a nanog reader  since this list began   in the spring of 1995 i 

remember i am parsing comments from the russian side as well
 i met aleksei soldatov at the kurchatov institute for the first time in april 
1992.  about 3 days earlier i met  the demos guys who  told soldatov   
suggested to soldatov that  he  should met me  at kurchatov 

I followed the development of the russian internet very closely between April 
1992 and 1999  not much after that.

meanwhile i am
well aware of international fiber optic cables geographic issues of same  — see 
telegeography for example,  His coordinates etc
 interception  of cable via submarine etc

see the US Sub named Jimmy  carter

I visited Russia for the first time in 1964  
my dissertation completed in 1972

dis on site work for the Phd in Russia for 2 months summer of 1970
including pushkinskii Dom

Thanks to steve Goldstein of NSF I received an invite to attend the second Nato 
sponsored conference on the future e of   the  russian internet  met larry land 
weber there at Golitsyno - the conf  was sept 30 to Oct 2 1994 

The point?  I have long experience with my Cook Report on Internet Protocol  in 
April 1992 issue #1

and an even lon\ger experience  with russian history language and culture 

 I am also well aware this message will be readable by a ver large number of 
people both  here and abroad.

even visited the westin bldg In i think 1994.
 take a bow Sean!!


> On Jun 11, 2017, at 11:38 AM, Gordon Cook <c...@cookreport.com> wrote:
> Hi Sean
> You and I first met when i was at OIA about 1992   LOONG TIME ago
> Always thought  of you as brilliant collector of info as well as analyst 
> there of 
> this question of yours is absolutely brilliant
> look at the responses (more) than 45!!!
>> On Jun 1, 2017, at 2:02 PM, Sean Donelan <s...@donelan.com> wrote:
>> There must be a perfectly logical explanation....  Yes, people in the 
>> industry know where the choke points are. But the choke points aren't always 
>> the most obvious places. Its kinda a weird for diplomats to show up there.
>> On the other hand, I've been a fiber optic tourist.  I've visited many 
>> critical choke points in the USA and other countries, and even took selfies 
>> :-)
>> http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/01/russia-spies-espionage-trump-239003
>> In the throes of the 2016 campaign, the FBI found itself with an escalating 
>> problem: Russian diplomats, whose travel was supposed to be tracked by the 
>> State Department, were going missing.
>> The diplomats, widely assumed to be intelligence operatives, would 
>> eventually turn up in odd places, often in middle-of-nowhere USA. One was 
>> found on a beach, nowhere near where he was supposed to be. In one 
>> particularly bizarre case, relayed by a U.S. intelligence official, another 
>> turned up wandering around in the middle of the desert. Interestingly, both 
>> seemed to be lingering where underground fiber-optic cables tend to run.
>> According to another U.S. intelligence official, “They find these guys 
>> driving around in circles in Kansas. It’s a pretty aggressive effort.”
>> It’s a trend that has led intelligence officials to conclude that the 
>> Kremlin is waging a quiet effort to map the United States’ 
>> telecommunications infrastructure, perhaps preparing for an opportunity to 
>> disrupt it.

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