> On Jun 13, 2017, at 9:02 AM, Mel Beckman <m...@beckman.org> wrote:
> Rodney,
> What do you suggest? Shoot them at Dawn? :-) 
> The standard warning and education has always been adequate in the past. We 
> don't have a runaway spamming problem on the list.

What standard warning and education?

We have filters to stop spam making it to the list.

But there is definitely a spamming problem of sorts amongst vendors, to 
subscriber addresses. 

I see something every couple of months that I can track back to NANOG, or ARIN.

What I *know* is that if you open the door, and ignore it with vendors on 
NANOG, the list members will end up having a problem. If you want to know why I 
consider myself an expert, feel free to ask me offline about what the attitude 
that those of us who ran "the backbone" in 1994 had - and how that worked out.

On the other hand, as a senior citizen, at the end of my tech days, with enable 
grudgingly given up, I guess I could turn away and say "not my problem, really".

> -mel beckman
>> On Jun 13, 2017, at 6:00 AM, Rodney Joffe <rjo...@centergate.com> wrote:
>> It seems that more than just a few of us were spammed by Glenn Stern 
>> (gst...@calient.net), an employee of Calient following NANOG 70.
>> The spammer had the balls to say, in his email:
>>> We do not know each other. I'm leveraging the attendee list for NANOG to 
>>> reach out and raise awareness of the value of OCS (Optical Circuit 
>>> Switching) in the data center and in particular, the Carrier Neutral Hotel 
>>> where we've been active with next generation MeetMeRoom discussions.
>> He does not show as an attendee at NANOG, but another executive, David 
>> Altstaetter, daltstaet...@calient.net did register, and may have even shown 
>> up. Hopefully those of you who have traditional community attitudes will 
>> show your reaction via your pocketbooks.
>> Maybe its time for the NANOG board and staff to step in, and develop some 
>> teeth to use in cases like these? Unless the majority of you members are 
>> cool with unfettered spamming of member and attendee lists. In which case, 
>> have at it!
>> Rodney

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