I think it would too subject to wild variance in what someone views as bad. 

Actual SPAM (viagra, Nigerian prices, etc.), of course. 
Industry-related SPAM, probably. 
Targeted marketing (looking for someone at Facebook, seeing someone from 
Facebook and tracking them down... or seeing someone at someone in a specific 
area or...) ehh, probably not 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 


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On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 05:47:23PM +0000, Mel Beckman wrote: 
> That still leaves the question: how to you invoke this financial 
> punishment? Prohibit NANOG members from buying their products? 

I don't think there's a mechanism to do that. (Please correct me 
if I'm wrong.) However, I think it's feasible to construct a 
list and make it publicly available so that folks can consult it 
before making purchase decisions. 


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