But as I said, harvesting emails is not illegal under can spam. And the 
requirement to not send you UCE to harvested emails is pointless, because how 
do you prove that someone did that?

-mel via cell

On Jun 13, 2017, at 8:44 PM, Randy Bush <ra...@psg.com> wrote:

>> It seems that more than just a few of us were spammed by Glenn Stern
>> (gst...@calient.net), an employee of Calient following NANOG 70.
>> ...
>> Hopefully those of you who have traditional community attitudes will
>> show your reaction via your pocketbooks.
> traditional community attitudes left the building long ago.  nanog has
> become a trade show, for which this is normal behavior.  i expect mail
> "stop by our booth at nanog 42," and so forth.
> randy

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