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I would hardly call this a flood. But my point is that most people posting to NANOG, being technical people, respond to notifications that they are spamming. Your example email illustrates this perfectly. Sometimes they're ignorant and don't realize they're spamming.

This guy definitely knew he was spamming and didn't care. "We do not know each other. I'm leveraging the attendee list for NANOG...." And he didn't even attend, though someone from his company did.

If they're persistent they get removed from the list

This isn't about spam to this list, it's about spammers scraping the attendee lists and spamming them directly.

 I made my suggestion.

Shoot them at dawn? I kind of like that idea. +1.

Guillotine, however, makes heads on pikes as a deterrent less messy.

What's yours?

Name and shame. As Rodney did. Maybe seed the attendee lists with a spamtrap or two and publicly out the abusers on the NANOG website.

Very few of them will openly brag about spamming the list as Glenn Stern (gst...@calient.net) did.

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