On Mon, Jun 5, 2017, at 14:51, Bajpai, Vaibhav wrote:
> The v6 numbers from ^ NANOG post are now more than 1 year old. Thought 
> to re-bump this thread. Would it be possible to share updated numbers 
> of v6 traffic share within your network and % contribution by top apps.


A little late and "out-of-geography", but still... On small-ish French
ISP we have :
 - on the residential-only FTTH part, where all clients have IPv6 by
 default (unless they do something to avoid using it - and some do) : up
 to 30% of total is IPv6, and at least 60% of IPv6 is with Google.
 - globally (residential+business), the rate drops to 9% with peaks
 towards 20% on week-ends and public holidays. Same thing with Google
 doing most of IPv6.

For the record, apart Google, there are less than 10 ASes that have more
than 1% (but less than 10%) of the total IPv6 traffic. Everybody else is
just traces....

Also for the record, business customers are much more active in
*rejecting* IPv6, either explictely (they say they want it disabled) or
implicitly (they install their own router, not configured for IPv6). The
bigger the business, the bigger the chance of rejection.


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