> On Feb 27, 2018, at 4:29 PM, Filip Hruska <f...@fhrnet.eu> wrote:
> This is just stupid.   
> OVH is one of the largest server providers in the world - of course they will 
> be at the top of that list.   
> What exactly should they do, according to you?

Read their abuse@ alias. Shut down those customers who are being abusive.
Currently they do neither. Every so often they'll privately admit that they've 
doing an unconscionably bad job of mitigating abuse from their networks and
promise to do better, then don't.

Given some of their customers have been consistently abusive for years from the 
domain and the same IP address the problem isn't "Oh, the bad people keep
signing up with new credit cards! Oh, poor us!" or any other reasoning based on
being a large, inexpensive provider.

> Why should people de-peer them?   

If the overall cost of the bad traffic exceeds the benefit of the good traffic. 
sure it doesn't, but that people are even suggesting it is telling.


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