Just tinkering here.
I'm trying to get nano-X working with my setup.
It's an Alwinner H5 base armboard, nanopi neo2 512Mb RAM.
Using fbtft spi device driver for small tft LCD.

I managed to build nano-X and mwin using config.linux-fb.
But I can't seem to get nano-X sample program to show something
on the my LCD. I am however able to run mwin example to show,
as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/z34JReX .

I can launch nano-X and the sample program fine without errors,
but I only get blank screen.
When I launch nano-X I get this at the prompt:

root@OpenWrt:~# 320x240x16bpp pitch 640 type 0 visual 2 colors 65536
pixtype 5

It seems to be doing something because it erases the screen
it turns black. If run the program it turns to blank screen.

I'm cross compiling for OpenWRT running kernel 4.19.81.
What should I be looking at to figure out what's going wrong?


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