I added support for the /lib(path) option using fileset support, meaning
that you're now able to use the following build syntax in all compiler tasks
(csc, vbc, vjc, jsc) :

<csc ...>
    <lib basedir="...">
        <includes name="..." />

eg. to set c:\Test\Assemblies and c:\Test\References as directories in which
to search for assembly references, you can use the following build fragment

<lib basedir="c:\Test">
    <includes name="Assemblies" />
    <includes name="References" />

I committed these changes to cvs, and they will be available in the next
nightly build.


----- Original Message ----- 
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003 8:01 PM
Subject: [nant-dev] csc /lib parameter handling

> Hello Gentlemen,
> I was in need of passing /lib parameter to c# compiler and being unable to
> find appropriate attribute in <csc> task I extended it myself.
> Please find the source code attached. I'm new here and would appreciate if
> someone could take care to incorporate it into the next release.
> Thanks a bunch,
> Yevgeniy (Eugene) Tolmachev
> t.o.e at sympatico dot ca

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