I just wanted to let people know that a new nightly builds have been
posted at sourceforge.net.  The links are below.


This build addresses the following items:

 * Fixes issues with the <copy/> task that was introduced in 0.92
 * Adds initial implementation of parallel execution
 * The net-2.0 target now uses the Windows SDKs by default instead of
the old .NET 2.0 sdk.
    - NAnt will fallback to the old .NET 2.0 sdk if no valid Windows
SDKs are found on the running machine.

We encourage the users to give this nightly build a try to see what
else they would like added/modified/fixed that have not already been
reported in NAnt's issues page on github.com.


We'll send out updates as they come in.

You can also see commits to both NAnt/NAntContrib projects on twitter:

Happy holidays. :)


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