My name is Fabien, I was using Nant as a .Net build tool on C# projects. Now 
I've changed of work and I am using it as a build tool for Delphi projects 

I am using SVN and I build my own continuous integration chain, I connect to 
SVN, get info in XML, do some xmlpeek to get last revision, compare it with the 
last built, and rebuilt if needed.

I'd like to know if Nant project is still alive, are there some contributors 
that want to make this project grows?

I was using Ant before on java project, Nant is much more cool to use, but 
there are many, many things that could be better (IMHO), so many ways to go 

I'd like to know if people still here could send on the ML any link, any piece 
of custom script task that could be added to the main Nant website? Or anything 
else that users can do to shock this project back to life?

Nant could be extended by so many means, but it is not easy to find example of 
source code, for example the while task, etc.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!
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