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I'm writing my thesis on the backlash here in Washington and elsewhere
against the Qwidicca-aht (Makah) Indians of Neah Bay, Washington, stemming
from their decision to return to their cultural practice of hunting the
"California" gray whale and their successful hunt this past May.  With this
in mind, I've designed an online questionnaire for those Indian people
connected to the Internet, to assess the feelings of Indians across the US
and Canada about the issues generated by this situation.

The URL for the survey is:

I'd like to ask listmembers to complete this short survey themselves and to
pass the URL along to other Indian people they're in contact with.  Thanks
for your time,

Mike Two Horses
University of Arizona
American Indian Studies Office of Community Development
320 Harvill Hall
Tucson AZ 85721

"People whose ancestors sustained themselves from wild animals, fish,
and plant systems without destroying them have ancient ecological con-
tracts - an environmental legacy from which all of us should learn."

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