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Subject: Big Mountain Video and Caravan Planning Meeting
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Big Mountain Dineh (Navajo) Face Eviction by February 1st, 2000

The U.S. has begun what it hopes will be the final steps in a campaign to exterminate 
Dineh(Navajo) families who became trespassers on their traditional land as a result of 
a 1974 law pushed through Congress by the coal industry.  The industry believed that 
the eviction of all residents would simplify their access to North America's richest 
deposits of coal on Black Mesa.  The land title was transfered to the Hopi Tribal 
Government, which was dominated by John Boyden, a white attorney working for the 
Peabody Coal Company.  The tribal government was installed by the US for the purpose 
of granting mineral leases despite the strong objections of traditional Hopi and 
continues to recieve funding from Peabody Coal.

Over the next 25 years, over 12,000 Dineh were forcibly relocated in a program 
described by its former director, Leon Berger, as " a tragedy of genocide and 
injustice that will be a blot on the conscience of this country for many generations." 
 Many were moved to the "New Lands", an area near Sanders, AZ, too arid for their 
livestock and contaminated by radioactive waste.  Others were moved into cities  for 
which they lacked survival skills, and became caught in a circle of homelessness, 
alcoholism and suicide.

Several thousand Dineh still remain on their ancestral land in defiance of all the 
government attempts to drive them away.   The US has forbidden them to make any 
repairs on their homes.  Fire and livestock are confiscated, and law enforcement 
officials harass and threaten them with eviction and jail sentences.

A law passed in 1998 requires the US to complete the eviction process by February 1, 
2000.  Some families were offered leases that allowed them to remain as tenants upon 
their land with no civil rights and without a means of survival.  Those who refused to 
sign or who were not eligible are scheduled to be evicted.

What Can I Do?

The remaining Dineh need supporters to stay with them as human rights observers around 
February 1, 2000.  In order to mobilize as many people as possible, the Twin Cities 
Big Mountain  Support Group is planning a caravan to Big Mountain in early January.  
Come to an introductory planning meeting for food, entertainment and more information.

Wednesday, December 8th
8:00 pm
Black Bear Crossings
831 Como Ave., St. Paul

Thursday, December 9th
9:00 PM
Walker Community Church
3104 16th Ave. S., MPLS

Twin Cities Big Mountain Support Group (612) 362-5964
Dineh Relocation Resistance Web Site:

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