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Wanted to let you know that ABC just called and informed us that the 
program on the Buffalo Field Campaign and the situation with the 
Yellowstone buffalo herd will air tomorrow night (Wednesday) instead 
of tonight.

Please note the change.  Also, I am not certain of broadcast times in 
different areas so best to check with your local programming.

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FYI- here's a great synopsis of the plans that they are making for 
managing the buffalo

Modified Preferred Alternative for Interagency Bison Management Plan
December, 1999

Put forth by the Department of the Interior National Park Service,
Department of Agriculture United States Forest Service and Animal and Plant
Health Inspection Service, as the preferred alternative in the "final
Environmental Impact Statement for the Interagency Bison Management Plan"
the long-term management plan for Yellowstone's wild buffalo herd.

Buffalo Population Limits
Caps buffalo population at 3,000 based on "carrying capacity" inside
Yellowstone Park.

Haze, Capture, Test and Slaughter
Hazing, capture, test, and slaughter of Yellowstone buffalo are the primary
management tools.  Tolerance limits are set for buffalo who go through the
management regime above: 100 buffalo each on the north and west boundaries.
If "agreed up seronegative tolerance levels" for buffalo on public lands
north and west of the Park are exceeded during winter migration, the
following regime kicks in:

North Boundary
a) Haze buffalo between Madison Junction and Mammoth to prevent migration
outside the Park.
b) Shoot buffalo at the Park boundary of Reese Creek "that cannot be hazed,
evade capture or are deemed unsafe to handle (usually large adult males)."
c) Captured buffalo would be held for the duration of the winter or early
d) If the capture facility capacity (125 buffalo) is reached, seronegative
buffalo could be "selectively" sent to slaughter.

West Boundary
a) If a quarantine facility is not available, seropositive and seronegative
would be buffalo sent to slaughter. If available, seronegative buffalo
would be sent to quarantine.
b) Untested bison on public lands will be hazed back in the spring.
c) Once the tolerance level for seronegatives is reached, untested buffalo
would be captured and shipped to slaughter.
d) Shoot buffalo outside the Park "that cannot be hazed, evade capture or
are deemed unsafe to handle (usually large adult males)."

Stringent Management of Buffalo Migrations
"Bison would not be allowed to move beyond certain areas outside the Park."
As buffalo migrate further from the Park boundaries, "increasingly
stringent zones of risk management" will be used to prevent further
migration to areas the buffalo will be excluded from. Buffalo would be
hazed, intercepted and killed beyond Yankee Jim Canyon or east of the
Yellowstone River north of Maiden Basin/Little Trail Creek. The federal
government may set up another capture facility at Yankee Jim Canyon. On the
west boundary, buffalo are confined to Madison canyon and Horse Butte.
Beyond that they can be hazed, intercepted and killed.

Spatial/Temporal Management of Buffalo and Cattle
Buffalo "tolerated" on public lands will be hazed back into the Park in the
spring to ensure a 45-day separation between cows and buffalo. The only
cattle grazing allotment affected by this preferred alternative is the
Royal Teton Ranch allotment which expires in April 2002. A management plan
for these lands has not been developed. The preferred alternative does not
mention any modifications to cattle grazing allotments on the Gallatin
Forest which overlap with buffalo range on the north and west boundaries of
Yellowstone Park.

RB 51 Vaccination of Buffalo/Vaginal Telemetry of Pregnant Females
RB 51 vaccination of buffalo calves and yearlings "outside the Park could
commence prior to the completion of studies regarding the efficacy of the
vaccine."  The plan does not address how the vaccine may effect "non-target
species" including bald eagles, grizzly bears and wolves.

Initiation of NEPA and ESA consultation may be required to implement RB 51
vaccination of buffalo inside the Park.  The federal government will expand
RB 51 vaccination of buffalo once GYIBC criteria are met, to include remote
vaccination, park-wide vaccination, and vaccination for all ages and
classes of buffalo.

The federal government will provide new funding to implant seronegative
pregnant females captured and "tolerated on public lands" with a vaginal
radio telemetry device "that would be expelled and activated upon abortion
or birth."

Vaccination of Cattle
By the fall of 2000 if 100% voluntary vaccination of "test-eligible cattle"
outside the Park is not achieved, the State of Montana "will make such
vaccination mandatory. The federal government will reimburse the direct
cost of vaccination." APHIS will work to prevent state sanctions including
consultation and will pursue legal remedies if consultation fails.

APHIS and Montana will regularly test cattle in proximity to the Park.
APHIS will fund certification of cattle herds "for livestock operations who
graze cattle in areas bison may occupy during the winter." If buffalo and
cattle commingle, the federal government would cover direct costs of
additional testing of cattle.

Buffalo Quarantine Facility
The federal government with APHIS as the lead agency will initiate "NEPA
analysis to determine the location, design and operation" of a buffalo
quarantine facility. Buffalo that "pass through the quarantine protocol may
be transferred to Indian reservations or other appropriate public lands."

The quarantine facility would handle seronegative buffalo: 1) when buffalo
tolerance levels are exceeded, 2) the overall buffalo population is greater
than 3,000 or 3) when capture and testing of buffalo is used to enforce the
45-day separation of buffalo and cattle on public lands outside the north
and west boundaries of the Park.

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