Hi Matthias,

The example page needs a complete overhaul. It is very buggy and not so nice to 
play with. I some ideas but I am reluctant to share (because usually the man 
with the idea must also do the programming :):

I love to discuss some ideas on this list on how to redo the examples view.



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Subject: [nebula-dev] New widgets available on Nebula examples perspective?

Hi all,
To get an actual look on the widgets that are presently available in the new 
Nebula 2.0 release (in particular the Opal ones) , I have installed the Nebula 
example perspective using the update site specified on the Nebula download page 
However, I have noticed that only a minor subset of the widgets is included 
presently there, isn't it?
If so, is anyone already working on including all the widgets in the examples 
Would be nice to be able to demonstrate all the widgets and their capabilities 
to someone in an easy manner, in particular the new Opal ones.


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