My vote is to play it safe and find or make a supply that gives you 2.5kV.

I was going to recommend a series dropping resistor, along with the 3kV 
supply, but I dont think that is a good idea. The reason is that while the 
resistor will provide a voltage drop at *nominal* current,  it wont do 
anything at low or zero current. Given NIMO tubes are expensive and rare, I 
wouldn't risk applying higher-than-spec voltages, just in case it might do 
something unexpected. For example, I've seen tin whiskers develop in laptop 
CCFL driver boards. Literally a microscopic metal hair that grows in a high 
electric field. Even at lower voltages, I've seen evidence suggesting this 
happened in my IN-1 nixies.

High voltage zener diodes (~160V) might work but be very careful about 
leakage current; you may end up with the same paranoia I have about using 
resistors mentioned above. If you do use zeners, I would use a 'bleeder' 
resistor from NIMO-anode to GND to drain zener leakage current, such as a 
few 22Meg in-series.

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