That story reminds me of one from work. Not Nixie-related but sorta funny :)
Years ago, work had an IBM System/360 ot /370 of some age; It started having 
faults at random times, so they called in the tech. He opened the system 
covers, tied in all the diagnostics tools - logic analyzer, etc, but, zero 
faults happened over a couple days of his running those; So they pulled them 
out & closed the system up. Next day a few faults happened, so he was called 
back in, wired it up and ran it another week, no faults. He pulled the test 
gear & closed it up, but it crashed before he even made it to his car; He was 
called back in and of course once wired up, zero errors...
The light finally lit up on someone's brain in there (reports varied on whose!) 
- That the system cover doors, when OPEN, would preclude any errors, but when 
they were closed, errors would occur; So they looked at the wiring harnesses 
and found the harness that was flexing when the doors were closed, which had a 
nasty intermittent in there, that was only going open circuit VERY rarely, if 
quite enough to be horribly ANNOYING.
Systems Engineers types and so on, HATE intermittents, they're the bane of 
their existence :P LOL And they're quite annoying to debug, sometimes you can't 
figure out where the darned things are hiding at all.


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