Im currently working on a pandicon-project with the 14-digit version (sadly 
i don't have a workshop and can only do woodworks outside, so "no working" 
in winter). This calculator helped me much to learn abou the pandicon 
timing. The gap between Anode 1 and Anode 2 is really "long" (400uS) so i'm 
glad this will not be any problem for an arduino microcontroller :)

If i have time, this working calculator gets a new case and a new life by 
me, i want to leave the components alon, but i might be able to "hack" it a 
little by injecting the control-signals to display something.

A simple clock would be fairly simple :) just interface the buttons, type 
eg. 10:09:51, after a change in the seconds, interface the clear-button and 
type 10:09:52. This could be done by just soldering wires to the button 
wires and switch them by a microcontroller :)... Will try one day :)

If i remember right, i saw a nixie calculator on youtube some time ago, 
that was controllable by smartphone :)

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