That white bezel often cracks in the corners and discolours. The DAC10 runs 
quite hot - I'm not sure what plastic it's made of (not Bakelite) but it's 
pretty crude stuff and gets very brittle, as do the buttons. It's also 
difficult to clean without damaging it - almost everyone smoked in those days 
and the white plastic was often filthy.

Many DAC10s were distributed by a charity called "British Wireless for the 
Blind Fund" which supplied DAC10s as they had button preset tuning and were 
easy to use. The charity was set up after the second world war due to the 
number of blind ex-service personnel returning.

When I was restoring one one years ago, it had one of the charity's lovely 
labels on it but in very poor condition. John S. remade the graphics 
beautifully and I used that to print into a water transfer sheet to make a new 


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