I've bought a few of these and other similar types for just RMB 25 from 
China, the digit height is only 33mm, I had the datasheet translated by a 
friend, it says so at the end of the datasheet and I can confirm it from 
the tubes I have.

They are very fragile inside as the wires connecting the digits easily 
break from shaking during shipping, and while handling, and the wires also 
easily short against each other or the internal structures either killing 
some digits or letting two or more light at the same time - they are 
prototype quality and would need a lot more design to become good enough 
for serial production. It seems like the wires break due to being under 
strain and that the welding has punched through much of the wire making it 
snap easily.

They are really quite poor quality for being "prototypes" even if they are 
rare. So I would definitely wait for the price to come down - I have enough 
for a clock and some spares but the poor quality has had me waiting to find 
more at a reasonable price!

There are others with letters/texts inside, I have an SZ-3 (which has some 
broken wires) which shows the texts: Mn, Mo, P, S, Ni, C, Cr, Cu, Si & O 
(mine only shows Mn, P, S, Ni, Cu, Si & O) . I also have a much rarer 
(mega, ultra, super rare ;) ) prototype of the SZ-2, not marked, but with 
the digits made up from wires instead of from etched metal and no Anode 
shield and a rounder glass envelope, otherwise it is identical to the SZ-2, 
see photo below.

These Nixies fit the Russian RSH-32 socket.



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