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> Then there is the famous "spiral" in tubes like the ITT58GSST. That one 
> has the symbols "+, −, ~, (spiral)" so obviously it was a prefix tube for a 
> voltmeter and/or ammeter but what does the spiral indicate? I've been told 
> that it was "overload" which seems logical enough. A friend of mine says 
> that he saw the spiral used in something like a gas chromatograph to 
> indicate that the oven was still warming up so who knows? Perhaps it was 
> used for multiple applications.
>From what I've read, the spiral symbol could be used also as an indicator 
that the measurement is not complete - for example, for long sampling 
periods of voltage measurements. It's pretty much the same as hourglass 
next to the mouse icon on Windows PC - indicates, that work is going on.
I've removed some ZM1263s from boards, which looked like they used in some 
measurement device. Unfortunately, I didn't receive any info about what 
kind of devices were they - only the nixie PCBs with ZM1263s and 
ZM1175/ZM1177s. So they definitely were used in commercial devices, but 
their purpose still remain a mystery.

When it comes to uncommon symbols - there is a line of Polish Dolam nixies 
with almost whole alphabet. Strangely, some letters can be found in more 
than one tube, and some aren't present in any. Symbols are LL-551 up to 
LL-558. No other company produced as many nixies that could be used to 
display static text.

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