On Mon, 3 Oct 2016 05:37:20 +0000 Mehmet wrote:
ME> I have a question or actually some guidance.
ME> We are developing a multi process telecom application. I am
ME> assigned to design an alarm and statistics interface to the
ME> application. Each of our process has some statistics to be
ME> monitored and alarms to send and configuration to be managed.
ME> Each process has main function processing some packet as main
ME> job and statistics, alarm and configuration should not take any
ME> resource intensive operations.
ME> I am planning a separate process called alarmd  which will be
ME> interface for external world and internal processes. I did some
ME> search over internet to see if an open source implementation
ME> exist to inspire. I could not find any this was surprising to
ME> be and I thought there should be an issue about it – I can not
ME> be the first person who see that linux is missing such a
ME> daemon-.
ME> Now I am expecting your help about possible implementations and
ME> pros and cons of them.
ME> P.S. Although there is a process called collectd.

You probably aren't going to get many responses on this list, as
your question is beyond the scope of the mailing list.

Sticking to the Net-SNMP aspect of your question, there are various
ways to configure snmpd to monitor 'stuff' and send alarms

External processes can use the net-snmp libraries to connect to
snmpd via AgentX to send notifications via snmpd, build/send traps
directly or use the snmptrap command line utility to send traps.


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