On 04/06/2018 11:33 AM, Keith Mendoza wrote:
After going through the list, we feel that any bugs created before
2012 Nov 8 should just be closed/dropped at this point. That way we
can focus our efforts on working on bugs that are left after that

I can explain the reasoning behind /this/ particular date. If you sort the list of open bugs by last modification time you will find about 380-something bugs with identical modification dates. Clearly something was done to the database at that time - perhaps an upgrade - and those bugs haven't been touched since.

I have a difficult time seeing a lump of bugs that haven't been touched in five and a half years as vital to keep open. If someone knows of specific bugs in that time-frame which are still relevant please point us at them, but the undifferentiated mass just increases the bug counter to no benefit.

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