We have integrated net-snmp into our application that runs on an embedded 
We use net-snmp to send traps to user configured trap receivers.

Until now, users could have configured only an IP address only trap receivers.
Now, we have enhanced our system so that user can configure FQDN as well for 
trap receivers.

We would like to feed user configured FQDN into net-snmp so that net-snmp can 
resolve the FQDN into an IP and determine the transport domain (UDP or UDP6) 
before sending the traps.

  1.  Is this possible in any of the net-snmp release versions?
  2.  If not, what workaround do you recommend?

[ We currently, resolve FQDN into IP addresses and create trap session for each 
such resolved address. This works alright but has its own limitations. For 
example, DNS Server should be reachable when trap sessions are being created. 
Also if user decides to host trap receiver on a different server (same FQDN but 
different IP), then he will have to reconfigure the trap receiver on our device 

We use the following APIs to setup net-snmp for SNMP v1/v2c/v3 traps:

  1.  create_trap_session
  2.  snmpTargetAddrTable_create, snmpTargetAddrTable_add, 
snmpNotifyTable_create, snmpNotifyTable_add, snmpTargetParamTable_create, 

We currently use net-snmp-

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