Here's mine...

On 09-Feb-2018 18:57:11, Michael van Elst wrote:
Can you check what timecounter is used and switch to a different one?

 sysctl kern.timecounter.choice

kern.timecounter.choice = TSC(q=-100, f=2500206200 Hz) clockinterrupt(q=0,
f=100 Hz) piixpm0(q=1000, f=3579545 Hz) hpet0(q=2000, f=100000000 Hz)
ACPI-Safe(q=900, f=3579545 Hz) lapic(q=-100, f=1001237943 Hz) i8254(q=100,
f=1193182 Hz) dummy(q=-1000000, f=1000000 Hz)

Presumably Michael's will be the same.

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