Hi Luca, 

 Sure you can update the wiki [1]. Put the section you do also in the wiki. 

 As far as I know there is no major change done yet on Netbeans 9 for maven 
side except jdk 9 support.


PS: sorry I reply directly an incomplete mail to Luca 

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De : Luca Mambretti <luca.mambre...@bizeta.net> 
Envoyé : mercredi 7 mars 2018 10:01
À : netcat <netcat@netbeans.apache.org>
Objet : [maven] Test specs split

I can probably set aside a couple of hours to do specs review in the weekend, 
can I take the first 3 points ? 

    * [ 
http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/synergy/client/app/#/specification/339/v/2 | 
Maven projects ] 
    * [ 
http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/synergy/client/app/#/specification/339/v/2 | 
Clean, Build, Run, Debug maven project ] 
    * [ 
http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/synergy/client/app/#/specification/339/v/2 | Run, 
Debug, Profile, Test single file ] 


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