Hi José,

Oops! I edited test case 1.1 (Code folding after opening a file) and after
> saving, it dropped to the bottom of it's test suite, so now it's 1.10...!!!
> That's bad, as the test cases have a sort of logical order and sometimes
> refer to the previous one. I don't see a way to fix the order, though.

You can fix it by using this workaround: edit all the other test suite 1
test cases one by one, in order. I tried it out on "Add javadoc code",
which now appears after "Code folding after opening a file" at the end of
the list. Luckily there are only 10 of them...

@Lada: Do you have any insight into why this would happen if one edits a
single test case in Synergy?

~ Hermien

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